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Tattoo Aftercare

For optimal healing results, we recommend the following:

First 48 hours:

  • Leave on the bandage covering your new tattoo until you reach a clean area, but for no longer than 2 hours - leaving a tattoo covered for too long can also cause irritation from sweat and plasma.

  • Unwrap the bandage gently - best to do this over a sink or in the shower as there might be an excess of plasma/blood built up in the wrap.

  • Wash your tattoo down with warm soapy water, making sure to wipe excess ink and plasma away gently with the palm of your hand. It is important not be too abrasive on the fresh tattoo as this can cause irritation. Organic/non-scented soaps are the best options.

  • After cleaning, apply cold water as this may help the pores of the skin to close which stops excess plasma leaking. The longer you can hold your tattoo under freezing cold water, the better chance of the pores closing.

  • Pat dry your tattoo with paper towel or a lint free towel, making sure not to wipe - only pat or dab gently.

  • Let it air for two hours, then apply a small amount of Bepanthan nappy rash cream. Ensure you use the Bepanthan from a blue box as this contains antiseptic, then gently rub it in until all the white of the cream has disappeared.

  • Repeat this process over the next 48 hours, making sure to clean any excess plasma that may reappear. This time is the most crucial for aftercare as the skin is most prone to infections.

After 48 hours:

  • Do not wash excessively, just continue to apply cream morning and night. If weeping continues, apply less cream and if it appears to be dry, apply more cream.

  • Continue this process for the next week until the full surface of the tattoo has peeled, then you can proceed to apply other oils to help rejuvenate your skin such as Bio Oil etc, but only once the first layer has peeled.

  • After 4-7 days, the tattoo will start flaking (similar to sunburn). The area will feel quite itchy, but it is important to not pick or scratch as this can lead to infection and unnecessarily long healing to the damaged area. Gently patting the tattoo can give a little bit of relief from itching.

  • If looked after properly, your tattoo will take approx 1-2 weeks to heal.

Things to avoid with a fresh tattoo:
For a minimum of 2 weeks after receiving a new tattoo, we recommend avoiding the below irritants for the best healing results.

  • Direct sunlight

  • Submerging in water (especially chlorinated pools)

  • Pets

  • Dirt/Dust/Sand

  • Rewrapping with glad wrap

  • Fake tan

  • Tight clothing

  • Dirty linen

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