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  • The treated area will appear red and raised after your session is complete. Some blistering and pinpoint bleeding may occur; the application of an icepack compress will reduce swelling of the skin and an antibiotic powder dressing will be applied to the treated areas to accelerate recovery time after your tattoo removal treatment; and to protect the skin throughout the healing process.

  • Until the skin has healed, use only antiseptic powders like "MediPulv". Avoid using creams like "Bepanthen" and other such oil/paraffin based creams. These are not recommended for the treatment of burns, as they don’t allow the skin to breath and will affect the body’s natural removal of the pigment.

  • Only wash with cold or tepid water for the first day after treatment while your skin is in the recovery stage. Do not soak area and be gentle on your skin. Avoid the use of scented lotions or soaps, do not exfoliate and avoid aggressive scrubbing to the treated area as this may cause you discomfort and affect healing.

  • Crusting or scabbing of the tattoo is a normal consequence of the treatment and this will start flaking off in 2 weeks or longer. Once flaked off you can apply natural moisturisers

  • If treating the face, do not apply makeup for 24 hours after treatment, unless it is a mineral based makeup.

  • Keep out of the sun and cover treated areas with clothing. The skins natural pigment used for sun protection has also been removed by the laser process and will take a few weeks to rebuild. Once scabbing has healed, you can apply water based SPF 30+ sunscreen to the area to protect your skin from the Australian sun.

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